Quake Team Fortress lives on

zel’s bindings

The default controls mimic Team Fortress 2 defaults, however I prefer to have quick access to all weapons on my mouse.

These controls can be actived with exec cfg/zeltf_bindings and saved with cfg_save.


move forward W +forward
move back S +back
move left A +moveleft
move right D +moveright
jump SPACE +jump


fire MOUSE1 +slot1
fire secondary MOUSE2 +slot2
fire tertiary MOUSE3 +slot3
hand grenade Q gren1
secondary grenade E gren2
melee attack LSHIFT +slot4


class special F special
class menu C, 5 impulse 5
reload R reload
reload next weapon T reloadnext
throw flag G, L dropflag
drop ammo V dropammo
drop backpack B discard
call for a medic M saveme
suicide K kill

Weapon Switching

select primary weapon 1 impulse 1
select secondary weapon 2 impulse 2
select tertiary weapon 3 impulse 3
select melee weapon 4 impulse 4
main menu ESCAPE togglemenu
console ~ toggleconsole
change class , changeclass
change team . changeteam


message everyone Y messagemode
message team U messagemode2


show scores TAB +showscores
map information I maphelp
flag information O flaginfo
inventory P inv